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Symbols & The Subconscious

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peace and harmony
Until now my subconscious mind hasn’t, to my conscious minds knowledge, ever created such a powerful image connecting my goals, desires and focus before.

Yesterday I had my 4th session with the hypnotherapist, who is not “just” a hypnotherapist. Kathy is also a mind coach, confidante and friend, who uses hypnotherapy at the end of each appointment to reinforce the work we cover in each session.

For me it is extremely important to feel a connection with any therapist I meet. If a connection is made I can pass myself over, they have my trust to allow them to do the work with me necessary to achieve my goal.

With Kathy, the trust is even more crucial as I am allowing her to access my subconscious mind in order to help me use the reinforcements and focus she suggests to it in order to make the important and major changes in my life.

Each session is different as my needs evolve, my subconscious mind doing all it can to protect and help me but at times not in the best way.

My last session was incredibly powerful, we discovered what my specific focus and goals are and they weren’t what I expected ~ I suppose I knew what they were but the power of my emotion and the strength of my desire to achieve them were what bowled me over.

Kathy used a number of different techniques to access my mind. I am naturally very private ~ yes I know I blog and share a lot of my life but not ALL of my life. At the beginning of any work we start we first have to break down my resistance and allow myself to open up.

I often close my eyes during the sessions to allow me to visualise and “see” what I want or what images appear to connect to words focus my goals.

Kathy uses metaphors and words which she carefully selects to create associations in my mind to help me focus and change how my subconscious thinks.

The last session was incredibly powerful, we explored my ancestors and my genetic pathway ~ looking at the two furthermost points right down to the part where the two lines meet at the bottom of the “V” which is where I am.

When asked what image I could see at the bottom of the “V” my subconscious mind visualised a tree, I could see it, hear the leaves rustling in a gentle breeze and feel the sun on the bark of my trunk to the tip of my furthermost leaves. I was the tree, I was secure, grounded, rooted within the earth I stood on. The tree symbolising myself and my family tree, beside me were my family, we created a small grove of trees, intertwined, our branches touching, individuals but also part of something bigger.

The tree symbolises all that is important to me right now, all my goals revolve around my tree and where I am at the bottom of the “V”.

Now I know this I understand more firmly, more strongly than I had imagined possible exactly what my subconscious mind wants and needs for me to feel happy and at peace. My life in perfect harmony.

I had to close my eyes and repeat the words “Control” and “Harmony” after each other out loud. I struggled very much and my arms became rigid as if my elbows were going to go inside me, piercing my sides. I really found the words hard to enunciate and say. So, we switched it up and I started to say “Harmony” and “Peace” which rolled much better off my tongue, as I said them my body initially protested and tried to block the words from having any effect. Gradually my voice softened and lowered, my words coming out very slowly and almost slurred. Suddenly I found my body relaxed to the point where I found I could no longer feel my body at all, just a huge sensation of peace, my mind gently supported by soft clouds enveloping me, relaxing me and making me feel secure.

It was at this point that my subconscious mind was unlocked and open to suggestion and reinforcement.

First we needed to know from my subconscious mind what was most important to me ~ to visualise it as being achieved and to celebrate it by shouting out, punching the air or however my mind reacted. Eyes closed I smiled, a very happy full of love smile as tears fell in rivers down my cheeks, words wouldn’t come, I couldn’t shout or cheer ~ I felt overwhelmed by the power of the emotion which is why I cried instead.

What did I see? I saw myself with Dave, we were old, we were happy, we were somewhere blue and white, we were smiling and celebrating 50 years of marriage. Our girls weren’t in the vision but they were there, they were happy and healthy in themselves and their lives. The power of my mind created a vision so bright, so powerful that it literally overwhelmed me and took away my power to express and speak, instead I cried.

Armed with the knowledge of how my subconscious mind had visualised and expressed my desires for my life and future, Kathy could then harness it and reinforce it.

It was at this point that Kathy put me under hypnosis and spoke to my subconscious mind. For the first time whilst under hypnosis I enjoyed a fascinating visual display behind my eyelids. It is tough to describe as I fear words cannot touch the beauty of the vision. It was like swirling coloured oil on water, with tubes and tunnels taking me on a journey through them. The colours were mainly purples, blues and greens ~ the swirling and journey through the curved lines of the tunnels and tubes softened, until they halted, the swirling slowed and spread until they looked like ink spreading and fading at the edges on a piece of blotting paper. The display was my subconscious mind listening to Kathy and taking in what she was saying.

The Visual Display Behind My Eyelids
This is the best way I can depict the vision behind my eyelids, the tunnels and colours were swirling and writhing, moving backwards and forwards, sort of a Kaleidoscope of colours, never static
The Visual Display Behind My Eyelids 2
This is how the movement and colours faded out at the end, muted, smoother, calmer and peaceful

When I came out of the hypnosis I felt a sense of peace and relaxation that went right through me into my very core. I felt the desire to hug my husband and daughters and tell the how precious and loved they are. I felt as if my limbs were heavy and fluid, as if I had slept well for hours.

As soon as I got home I created a crude image that my mind dictated I make. The words peace and harmony quietly whirling in the background, the letter V coming and going and a wide spread purple tree standing firm under the blue skies and warm sun of the sky and with gently waving grass at the base.

This morning I tweaked the image until my mind told me it was right ~ when I look at this image I see my goals and desires, I feel peace and focus. It is my image , it is significant to me, it talks to me, focuses me and calms me. It is all the more personal to me because I used various parts of photographs I have taken over the past few months and pasted them in layers on top of each other to create the tree, sky and grass.

The subconscious mind is a most powerful tool and it tells you what it wants if you can listen to it.

I started out this journey thinking I wanted help to release weight ~ that is only a very small part of it and at the time the only thing that I thought was needed.

Now I know that the weight release is for a healthier me ~ I need to be healthy to support my husband and daughters in the way I want. To ensure they are all with me during the forthcoming years and happy, healthy and at peace with themselves. To be able to help and support my husband more, to secure his health goals, to help him relax and take time out to rest and recuperate.

My life truly does revolve around my family, they are my everything ~ we are very tight knit. In my subconscious they are a integral part of me, intertwined into my very being. I am happiest and therefore healthiest when we have peace and harmony within ourselves. I will help them achieve it to help myself achieve it too.

My mind sees and believes that we are celebrating our 50th wedding, we are old and gnarled, we have experienced and lived ~ we are together for the final chapters of our lives.

What is more powerful and beautiful than that?
My Grounding Focual Tree




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