My Will Be Done!

My will be done ~ my living will that is! What is a living will and how can it be used? “It allows you to refuse treatment, even if this might lead to your death. An advance decision is legally… Read moreMy Will Be Done!

Pre~Halloween Warm Up

Yesterday we “dressed” Manson up for Halloween and took him out for a pre~Halloween spin and to have some fun. The best part for both myself and Dave was making people laugh as we drove around locally with Manson looking… Read morePre~Halloween Warm Up

Lifetimers; The Hourglasses of Life

Terry Pratchett created a series of books set in the Discworld, a place I love to visit whenever I can. Within the mystical confines of this series I can escape to another world. A world that is not spherical as… Read moreLifetimers; The Hourglasses of Life