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Tai Chi ~ The Beginning

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Today I will be taking my first Tai Chi class at a local health centre and Dave will be joining me. We have made a pact to change our lives for the better and try to do it in a way that will be sustainable because in the past we have failed spectacularly.

The first step is to attend a weekly beginners Tai Chi Course with the view to then move on to the Advanced Tai Chi.

Why Tai Chi?

My OT and Physio both recommended this form of exercise but only through a recommended class because if I follow a DVD then chances are I would be doing it wrong and causing myself harm. With having hypermobility EDS, ME and Fibro it is important that someone supervises and teaches me how to do the moves in the correct way to avoid damage to my joints, muscles and ligaments.

Dave is hoping the class will help to improve his back strength and wizened calf muscle on his left leg, by strengthening it and slowly increasing the weight~bearing so that he can apply the same pressure through each calf muscle and hope to have no more limping in the future.

I understand there are different forms of Tai Chi, the type we will be learning is Tai Chi as taught by Master Jason Chan. The class includes Chi King and flowing movement, which is perfect for us


As well as taking these classes we are changing our eating habits ~ something we struggled with in the past. This time however we have the girls to support our food choices and will make preparing food easier as 2 daughters are vegan and 1 Pescatarian and dairy free.

The diet I’ll be following is vegetarian with the odd vegan day ~ with a possibility of then following a vegan diet in the future. I enjoy the vegan meals the girls make, so when we are cooking together the whole family will eat vegan. On other days I will be veggie because I find that easier to prepare quickly.

I have been left with residual weight after my stint on steroids ~ especially my upper belly which makes me look pregnant and my upper arms. I am have been surprised by my bum ~ it’s not as big and baggy as I thought it was!

So today is day one.

I am 18 stone

Size 18 in clothes

Measurements are hefty, proper sturdy girl stuff of
Waist 42″
Bust   45″
Hips   49″

I will be taking photographs and measurements monthly, plus weigh myself fortnightly.

The main thing is ~ I am happy as I am now but would be happier still if I could lose some weight to take the pressure off my joints and hopefully reduce my pain and the swelling in my feet.

I am blogging my journey to share how it works ~ whether it helps or not. The struggles the highs and lows ~ but most of all that being big is nothing to be ashamed of. I am not looking to become thin, instead looking to drop down a clothes size or two and perhaps a few stone. I am not setting a target weight or a time to achieve it by.

What is important for me is to find the right balance of weight and shape to improve my health. To reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. As I approach my 50th birthday I am more aware than ever of my mortality. Nothing is a given, life is a gift and our bodies are incredible machines that go through some battering throughout our lives. I want to put some plasters across the cracks and slowly allow them to heal.

So this is me, in my Tai Chi outfit, no lump or bump is hidden ~ it’s all me, every last little bit. Note the steroid tummy but also note the tight butt ~ I always look for the positive within the negatives.

Tummy = boo, hiss v Butt = not too shabby!
Day 1 ~ The Beginning



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