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Ten Things

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I am shocked to acknowledge I have reached the ripe middle age of 45 ~ and that’s okay BUT there is so much left that I want to do.  So I have decided to write a list of ten things I wish to achieve before I reach the age of 55.
~:Ten Things: ~
 1.   To write and publish a book.
Even if no~one buys it, it will be an achievement. I want it to be something that reaches people, has an impact and makes them think. Ten years to complete this task, I feel is realistic.
 2.   To take the family to visit Pompeii.
I can still vividly remember visiting with my own family when I was only ten years old.  A magical day which I will treasure and want very much for my girls to have similar memories of their visit.  This is only going to be possible if we can tame their ME and work out a schedule to allow them to pace and rest during this trip ~ again we are hopeful that we will be successful in achieving this within the next ten years.

 3.   To qualify & practice as a Reflexologist, specifically to offer it to provide pain relief.

I have taken the first step towards achieving this goal, I have registered on a course starting in September of this year at East Midlands College of Health and Beauty.  I just have to complete the course, pass and then set myself up as a mobile practitioner.  I hope to focus to help children and adults who are suffering chronic pain and try to help relieve this for them.  After working in the Macmillan unit several years ago I was super impressed by how effective it was providing pain relief for cancer patients.
4.   To learn sign language.
This is something I have always been keen to learn, I don’t know any deaf people but even so I think it is a valuable skill and would just like to learn it for myself, you never know ~ I may find a way to utilise it.
5.   To design and have a tattoo to depict my love for my family.
I have one tattoo which I had done 4 years ago in memory of my mum and the 5 babies I miscarried.  It is on the inside of my right wrist, it brings me great comfort to look at it and remember them.  I would like to design a unique tattoo which depicts my love for my family and have it inked on to my left wrist.
6.   To visit New Orleans and other southern states of America
I visited America with Dave 6 years ago, we based ourselves in Nashville and spent a week enjoying evenings in the bars listening to the live music there which was awesome. We also managed to shoe horn in a visit to the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, a stay in Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis and a VIP tour round Graceland and the associated museums and his aircraft.  I have always said I would love to go back and tour the southern states, to visit the home of the blues and sample true southern food.  My dream trip would be to travel through Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finish up in California.  This one is perhaps something I will have to place as a possible joint 50-plus Birthday trip with Dave. 
7.   To become more assertive, confident and happy in my body.

Since having children I have had an ongoing battle with my weight and confidence.  I am determined to overcome my demons, lack of confidence and worries about how I look to others.  Life is far too short to allow my insecurities to diminish my pleasure in life.  SO, I am doing what I can to be fit and healthy and not worry about weight and size.  To learn to be assertive and confident in decisions I make and not afraid to step forward and try new things.  The first steps towards this goal have been taken, I just need to continue on this path and keep up with the positive affirmations.
8.   Do some volunteer work.
I want to be able to give something back to the wonderful people who have helped and supported us over the past few years.  Exactly what and when I do I have no idea, although I am sure an opportunity will present itself at the right time and place and when it does I will jump on it.
9.   To sit on a beach and watch a sunrise and sunset to the sound of the waves.
I love to sit on a beach no matter what the season or weather and watch the waves come in.  The sounds of the sea and smell of the coastal air has a soothing effect on me.  My hope is to experience a sunrise and sunset whilst sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere, anywhere.  Obviously this may need several trips to the coast for me to achieve my ambition without nodding off!
10.   Conquer my fear of spiders.
I have a HUGE fear of spiders, they are evil 8 legged critters that have the sole purpose of terrorising me.  My husband used to be in pest control and laughed at my fear, telling me they are more frightened of me than I am of them and that if I ignore them they’ll leave me alone.  He soon changed his mind when he saw them chase me ~ yes you read it correctly, they CHASE me ~ even climbing up the sofa to get to me or diagonally across the floor.  For my own sanity I really do need to get a grip and overcome this fear, but the very thought of even trying makes me physically sick ~ so this will be a real challenge.
So that’s it, that’s my ten.  Let’s just see what the next decade brings and whether or not I manage to cross any of these off my list.
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