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That feeling when you find something you thought lost

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I’m terrible for losing things, my most common offence is “putting things in a safe place” so that I would know where they are but then forgetting where that safe place was.

I then lose whatever it was for various times until someone stumbles across it and can reunite me with it.

I did this with some of my photos ~ I thought it would be a great idea to pop them in a folder ready to go through at a later date. I subsequently forgot where I had placed the folder and have been without for some months. Yesterday I found them ~ quite by accident, I was reclined on the sofa in day pyjamas sorting through my photograph folders and hey presto the “lost folder” had somehow been placed within another folder!

It’s not surprising I’m losing things as I’m currently experiencing very frustrating short and long term memory loss. I don’t remember what I did in the morning by the afternoon and also am struggling to remember events from my past too. I am putting this down as Myalgic Encephalomyelits (ME) and post exertion malaise (PEM) affecting my brain after pushing my body to it’s utmost limit doing my Walk for ME fundraiser, plus other events after that which have both physically and psychologically been demanding of me.

It does worry me though, the not remembering and the struggle with word finding and muddled thoughts. I have asked Dave to monitor it and if he feels things are spiraling out of control to come with me to see a doctor to ensure it’s not early stages of dementia ~ although up to now I have been reassured it’s not and that it is my bodies way of protecting itself by shutting down in some areas.

I am seeing my dermatological and rheumatology consultants on Friday and will be writing down questions to ask them at that appointment. I have started to throw out old products within the house and replace with “safe” “allergy free” alternatives, it’s a slow process though as it takes research and a whole lot of ingredient reading to ensure that I am safe to use it.

So far I have found that most of the Simple toiletry range are safe and found Manic Panic hair dye to be safe for me to use too, which is a relief as I do love having purple hair!.

Some of the Simple range that I can safely use
Excuse the unflattering photo ~ but this is the “safe” Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream hair dye that I can safely use. It doesn’t cover grey and washes out a little with each wash but can be topped up whenever as comes in resealable pots.

I’m saving home~made, chemical free ideas and recipes on Pinterest for all things from laundry detergent, dishwasher cleaner, household cleaners and toiletries as the most every day and immediate replacements required. As and when energy allows I’ll then check and double check that they are safe and don’t include any of the long list of allergies I have been found to have. So it’s all a somewhat of a ongoing process.

Anyhow ~ to the rediscovered photos, I’ll just share a few of my favourites as there are several hundred..