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The Beauty Created By A Flame

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I am currently suffering from what is either post exertion malaise (PEM) or a viral infection ~ either way I am dizzy, nauseous and exceptionally fatigued.

This means forced rest and minimal movement is required, which I find tediously boring!

I am exceptionally grateful to have Audible right now and I’m enjoying listening to Dune right now. A book I have read many times and watched the film too, listening though is pretty damn good as it’s not just the one narrator but a few taking on the characters and now and then some atmospheric music comes in too.

Anyway, three days in to this enforced rest was driving me round the bend and so I picked up my camera. Then, from my position on the sofa, I took a number of images of my fire, capturing the flames and marvelling at the images they created.

I love them, they create images that make me think of other things ~ one in particular looks like a horse to me and another a person.

I wonder what you will see in these flame picures?


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