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The Bull will walk in May!

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May is my favourite month as it’s my birth month ~ I’m a Taurean through and through, stubborn, bullish but with a big heart. As we are currently in the sign of Taurus (from 20th April to 2oth May) I thought I would share a few facts about us bulls.

We are a Earth sign, our ruling planet is Venus and the symbol for Taurus is the bull. Our birthstones are said to be Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Garnet and Rose quartz. The name Taurus is derived from the Latin word for bull. We are the second astrological sign in the zodiac.

It is thought that the Taurus constellation is one of the oldest, dating back to around the Early bronze Age. At this time it was used to identify the location of the sun during the spring equinox. It is extremely large and can be seen during the northern hemisphere’s winter sky.

So, to our alleged characteristics ~ on the positive side we are generous, dependable, loyal, easy going and down to earth.

The negative aspects are allegedly stubbornness (guilty), we are unyielding when our mind is set on something (also true). Sadly we are known to procrastinate (absolutely me) and can be lazy at times (not really me ~ should say obsessively tidying). Sometimes we can be thought to be possessive (hand on heart this is not me) ~ allegedly penny pinchers (opposite of me, which can be an issue as I am terrible with money).

We are apparently fabulous to be in a relationship with (I’ll take that) as we are serial monogamists and love to be with our loved ones. Fabulously my ideal astrological partners are Cancer (my husband) and also Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. We are allegedly not compatible with Leo and Aquarius.

Now to some famous fellow bulls..

Queen Elizabeth II
William Shakespeare
David Beckham
Mark Zuckerberg
Dwayne Johnson
Tina Fey
George Lucas
Sigmund Freud
Malcolm X
Salvador Dali
Audrey Hepburn
Florence Nightingale
Harper Lee
Charlotte Bronte
Janet Jackson

So it sounds like I am in good company.

Interestingly my fellow Taurean Florence Nightingale was a nurse, like myself, and also thought to have had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ~ although back then they didn’t have the name for the illness.

For those of you who have followed my blog will know my families history with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). If you don’t the potted version is that my youngest daughter was diagnosed with it in February 2011, my middle daughter after viral meningitis failed to get well again and was diagnosed as having ME in 2012. Finally, after years of declining health I was diagnosed in the January of 2016 and then with hypermobility, especially in large joints in January of 2017.

ME is a complicated condition, there are a multitude of symptoms which come and go and also a spectrum of severity. It can range from mild to incapacitatingly severe.

You can read more about Florence Nightingale in my blog here and why she is both the figure head for ME awareness and for nurses.  This is why International ME Awareness Day and International Nurses Day ~ both fall on 12th May as it was Florence Nightingales birthday.

So to the “Bull will walk in May” ~ I have ME, it has changed my life completely, I am having to learn to live a different life to the one I had before, as do my two daughters who suffer from it.

I struggle with my mobility ~ the combination of ME and Hypermobility mean walking is painful and difficult. I sometimes use a stick or smart crutches, dependant on how I am on the day and how far I have to walk. It is not unknown for me to need to call my husband or a taxi to take me home if I get too tired when out to walk back home.

I have decided to try to Walk for ME  ~ specifically to raise funds for Invest in ME Research. You can click on the link to read about their work and what they are doing for sufferers with ME.

My walk will be on May 12th because that is the day which links me to both my ME and my nursing history. I will be away at our holiday safe haven on the Yorkshire coast and so will walk around the site and hopefully weather permitting down to the beach and back. It will not be a specific distance but I will be walking a little often throughout the day with many a rest break too.

What you won’t “see” when I walk is that I will have to rest the days running up to May 12th and then afterwards it will take roughly a week of complete rest to recover from the post exertion malaise. What usually happens is the day after I feel like I have flu coming on and then the second day after I literally can’t move and have to bed or sofa rest until well again.

I know there are so many people trying to raise funds for charities and it can be overwhelming trying to support everyone. All I ask is for you to consider donating and helping me on my way to reach my target of £100. I have a text code which you can use to donate anything from £1 upwards ~ anything contributed is always very welcome.

Thank you in advance you wonderful people ~ I will share a blog after my day of walking with you to show you where I went and what I got up to. As they say a little, little by little can become a lot..


 So, if you would like to help me achieve my target the link to donate online is below..

If you prefer to donate by text then you can use the text code as shown in the picture below and amend the amount to whatever you wish to donate..

Text Code

Finally, I give you a wee awareness video I created to visually tell you a little about ME and what it is, how it relates to us and why it’s important to raise funds for research into this condition. To hopefully find a cure and give thousands of sufferers the ability to regain control of their lives and find a way to live well with this condition.



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