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The Chilli ME Challenge for ME Awareness Month

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May is ME Awareness month, during this month sufferers, their families and carers try to promote awareness and support for biomedical research and funding to seek treatments and cures for this illness.
With awareness in mind the Chilli M.E. Challenge was started by 4 girls, Nicola, Lindsey, Catherine, and Brenda, who came together to create a fun way to spread awareness and raise funds for *biomedical* research for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) also known by many as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). 
All you have to do to participate and support this cause is to make a video of yourself (or have family/a friend do it in honour of your disease) eating a chilli pepper OR taking a small shot of tabasco sauce and post it on Facebook and YouTube for all your friends to laugh at! 
If you (or family/friend) don’t wish to make a video, please donate to a M.E./CFS charity ~ the links are further down this blog for you to click on.
BUT don’t forget to donate if you made a video too. 
Also, be sure to nominate 3 others to do the same and HAVE FUN!
Where do you post your videos?
First off make sure you use the hashtag #chilliMEchallenge so that you can be found when sharing.
Then upload your video to your youtube channel and share it on the Chill Me Challenge Facebook page, your facebook timeline, twitter (tagging @MECFS_Challenge Twitter) and Instagram too (if you have those accounts).
Please be sure to share the link to the MAIN INFORMATION PAGE which has lots of information, videos and updates about this – it can be found at this link:
Don’t forget that all important hashtag #chilliMEchallenge too when posting.
Where to donate: –
For online UK donations please use this link:
Text CMEC73 £4 to 70070
For Irish donations:
Text HOT £4 to 50300
For Canada:
For Australia:
For USA:

So finally, here is the video of me completing the challenge ~ the chilli kept on giving way after filming too (damn those chilli seeds which got snagged in my teeth!)

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoyed the video 🙂 


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