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The joy of a new font!

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I saw the above photo on a friends timeline this morning on Facebook and I was amazed by how easily I could read it. The above image shows you what the dyslexie font looks like.

Normally I struggle with reading blocks of writing, I have cognitive issues which are brought on by my chronic illnesses which make reading and comprehending written words difficult.

I have been to their website and purchased the font and extension for my browser and have to say it is awesome!

Now my computer, word docs, online searching ~ everything is in the dyslexie font making my life so much easier when trying to search and read any kind of information.

So, here’s a heads up, if you are like me and struggle with reading online and want to purchase this awesome font then click on the link here and follow the instructions. I have all the products for under £10 for a years subscription!

Unfortunately I have no idea, as I am not technically minded, on how to upload the font onto my WordPress account to have my site with the dyslexie font ready for you all to read it more easily. However, if I find a way to do it then I will change my settings so all blogs are written using the font.


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