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The Magical Moment It Clicks For You.

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I’m not gonna lie ~ I am a past expert in using crazy diets.

In the past I have tried Cabbage Soup ~ several times.

Lighterlife, three times ~ the first time made my hair fall out and me feel exceptionally ill, I lost 5 stone only for it to go straight back on. Wanting a quick fix I went back for more, the third and final time caused me to have a soy allergy and made me very ill.

Slimming World, numerous times, I didn’t like the weekly visits, all that clapping and judgement wasn’t me. Too much focus on the scales and not so much on why we were overweight.

Cereal diet also known as Special K.

NHS guided weight loss plan.

Atkins Diet.

Grapefruit Diet.

Calorie Counting Diet

Various brands of weight loss pills, including those that make your stools fatty as they allegedly reduce absorption.

Juicing and smoothie diets.

Mediterranean diet.

No Carbs Diet.

Rosemary Conley Diet.

I am sure there have been more but these are just the ones I can think of. Funnily enough I never trialled Weight Watchers.

What do all of the above have in common?

For me they weren’t sustainable. I was a yo~yo, up and down my weight went. It was a dismally unhappy torture of diet after diet. The thrill of weight loss making the rules and regulations I had to adhere to manageable. However not one worked on losing and keeping the weight off. None of them fully addressed why I kept gaining weight. I was fat shamed and felt unlovable. I always felt cravings on all the above diets, I felt a failure each and every time the weight piled on. I was indoctrinated by these diets that fat was unloveable and thin was beautiful.

I stopped trying to lose weight. I gave up on myself and comfort ate to soothe the pain of my shame. I passed mirrors by and refused to let my husband see me naked. I felt unloveable.

I believe strongly that fate puts choices in our path when it feels we are at that crossroads when we can take that all important first step towards life changing decisions.

Recently this happened to me.

All of a sudden I started noticing a specific advert about hypnosis and weight loss. Initially I ignored it as another fad.

The thing is, this advert kept springing up and eventually I gave in after remembering how my dad gave up a lifetime habit of smoking through hypnotherapy. I was curious and so clicked on the link and read more. Hypnassist had my full attention, I messaged them for further details and a quote. After all, we’re not made of money and having shelled out in the past I needed to know if this was worth pursuing. I then passed on this information to my husband who read it and we discussed whether to go for it or not.

My gut feeling was “do it”. I have no idea why but I strongly felt that I needed to try this, this is despite never having been hypnotised before and having been told in the past by various folk that I was not a good candidate for hypnosis, that I was too stubborn and closed minded.

So, with my husband driving, we set off to Mansfield to my appointment. I was apprehensive but not once did I question if it was the right decision because I just knew it was.

There are two hypnotherapist at Hypnassist, Andy and Kathy, my appointment was with Kathy.

Now Kathy may be a hypnotherapist but she is also far more than that. As well as being a partner with Andy she is also a qualified CBT and DBT counsellor plus a Nutritional therapist. Having worked and lectured in mental health Kathy offers a wealth of psychological and nutritional knowledge which she utilises along with the hypnotherapy.

I can honestly say, when I entered the therapy room with Kathy I instantly knew I was in safe hands.

Much of the session was talking and discussing nutrition, beliefs and patterns. Mostly talking about conscious and subconscious minds and how they work for and against us. The last part of the session is hypnotherapy.

As part of my hypnotherapy I had a virtual gastric band fitted. The power of the mind is awesome and when I awoke I genuinely felt I had undergone the surgery.

Hypnassist isn’t a case of take your money and be done with you. They send supportive helpful emails and add you to a closed supportive Facebook group where you can chat to them and others who have had the same treatment.

Andy has been my online contact and sends the supportive regular emails. He responds very quickly to all my messages too.

Both Andy and Kathy post and interact with us in the closed Facebook group, this is awesome and helps clear up any queries or questions we may have whilst also boosting and assisting our positive mindsets.

On top of that are podcasts to support you plus the encouragement to practice regular daily positive affirmations. I have a small purple compact mirror which I keep with me at all times and wherever I am, and whenever I can, I whip it out and look myself sternly in the eye and tell my subconsious mind my beliefs. These are my affirmations..

I also listen to Kathy’s Guided Imagery for Weight Loss every night in bed before I go to sleep, which helps me to retrain and focus my subconscious.

For me finding Kathy and Andy has been a revelation. They came into my life at a time I needed them the most. They have helped me love myself once more and have hope for the future. Most of all they have instilled a deep sense of calm within myself. I was hugely manic before, being calm like this is noticeable for my family and a welcome relief for me.

I am most definitely NOT dieting, I eat as and when I am hungry, I drink lots of water which I infuse with sliced citrus fruits. I listen to the needs of my body. Aside from carbonated drinks and all refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, nothing is banned. I now eat cleanly, I eat foods I know the content of and most of all I’m not hungry.

I don’t feel deprived or resentful as I did with the above fad diets. Instead I am being treated holistically, it’s a mind body balance, doing as nature intends and not as commercial food or diet industries dictate.

I am losing weight, I feel healthier, I am now looking in the mirror and loving the woman who looks back at me, most of all I am confident in the knowledge that I am making good choices.

It really is that life changing ~ the weight loss for me is the smallest part of this journey. The rediscovery of who I am, what I am and where I am going is the greatest part of this for me.

I feel so calm and so sure in myself, for me hypnotherapy has been a huge landmark in my life, a turning point, a realisation, a better understanding of myself.

So this blog I dedicate to Andy and Kathy ~ and of course myself. It’s teamwork, I am making significant changes in my life buoyed up by the support and knowledge base provided by Kathy and Andy.

Quite simply, a heartfelt thank you.

Sometimes it really is finding the pathway, whatever it may be, when you have that magical moment when it all clicks for you.


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