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The Mysterious Case of the Unplanned Purchases

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Yesterday my husband took pity on me and invited me along for the car journey to drop youngest child off at the train station followed by a trip over Stoke way to look at some cars.

He knows that I love the opportunity to take photos and that my garden has been well utilised despite the limited canvas ~ so knew I would enjoy myself looking at old American cars being broken for spares.

As you can see my garden is crying out for rain, rather brown and dry..

Whilst in the car Dave told me he quite fancied looking at a El Camino that was at the lot and he felt I may have fun poking around a hearse that was there too.

We dropped off youngest offspring and headed towards the compound where the cars were, both for sale and those being broken for spares. In my head I imagined a large sprawling site and was pleasantly surprised by how small, tidy and compact it was. Having a degree of pain, stiffness and difficulty mobilising Dave left me in our car whilst he popped across to see the compounds owner. He returned shortly after with a big grin and two sets of keys, one for the hearse and one for the El Camino.

We walked slowly ~ for that is my only speed ~ towards the cars. It was then something very peculiar happened. When I spied the hearse I fell deeply in love with it ~ no ifs buts or maybes it was total and pure.

What was strange is that whilst I have previously admired old hearses I have never felt such passion for owning one as I did at the moment I stood beside the one in this lot. I know some people may feel that owning a hearse outside of the business may be considered disrespectful in some way ~ Dave was concerned about this view. I however had no qualms ~ a classic American hearse is a beautiful car and rather than see it decay and fall into disrepair isn’t it far better to give the beast a new purpose in life?

To be fair its beauty was marred by the tat the previous owner had left in it. I think they had visited, then ransacked a Halloween prop shop and just gone mental filling every nook and cranny with fake bloody arms, feet and skulls and more. They had even gone so far as to make a fake coffin covered in fake chains and yet more tat.

Dave, being awesome, has purchased this car for me, a complete surprise as I had no designs on obtaining a car at all. He is collecting it for me next week when it will be on our drive where I can empty it of all the garish Halloween tat and work on how I will pimp it out to repurpose it for my use.

So as you look at this beautiful beast imagine all the tat removed. Imagine the hearse being repainted the deepest blackest purple, the black roof remaining intact and all the fabulous shiny reflective pieces remaining too, as the gleaming reflective trim is awesome. I have yet to decide on how to repurpose the back space but will make sure it is tasteful and useful.

After looking at my new car I then meandered around the lot which although compact had plenty to look at. There were a few other cars there, presumably for sale, amongst the broken and decaying shells of ones less fortunate.

The old and broken still retained some beauty all be it in a neglected rusty way..

When I had finished my meandering I looked for Dave and found him by the El Camino. He had a ridiculous grin on his face as he played around with the engine.

I have no idea what got into the pair of us yesterday, we left home with the innocent intention of “looking” around some cars and for me to have the opportunity to take some photographs.

It is really quite a mystery to us why we did what we did, yet I can defend our choices by saying that it’s not everyday you come across vehicles like these. When you do you have to make a decision, either admire and walk away or ponder then purchase said vehicles.

By the time we left the we had purchased two vehicles.

The 1993 Cadillac Brougham Hearse for me..
Plus the 1979 Chevrolet El Camino Pickup for Dave..


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