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The Promise Of Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is another day, who knows what it will bring but there is always some kind of magical promise of the unknown.

I found this lovely poem on a website called which I thought I’d share with you ..

It’s by a guy called Hebert Logerie and goes like this;

Tomorrow is another day to be strong,
Another day to hum a thankful song.

Tomorrow brings hope and happiness,
It’s another day to chase away all classes of sadness,
All categories of madness, and all species of silliness.

It is indeed another occasion to dream,
Tomorrow will be pleasant; let’s scream,
From the top of our lungs; let’s raise steam.

Tomorrow is another day to enjoy life.
It’s another hour to ignore the sighing wife.

Stop worrying, stop meditating; tomorrow will come,
With all styles of amenities, on top of the dome,
A crowd of pigeons are about to paint our home.

Let’s enjoy today, because tomorrow is unpredictable.
The hummingbirds have retuned, they sitting at our table.
They are singing, chirping and eating the worms at the stable.

Tomorrow is a day of joy, a moment of happiness;
Another pleasant day to admire the fall flowers.

I’ve had a major mental decluttering recently as I approach my 50’s.  This year my husband was 50, I am next year and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary earlier this month. My eldest daughter is 21, youngest 18 and middle born 20, they are looking foward to branching out on their own and flying the nest. Soon it will just be myself and Dave at home with the dogs.

Also this year I have discovered more about my health issues and the turbulance my body is experiencing and just how hard it is fighting for me. It made me realise that no matter what I have to deal with it is how I approach it that makes the difference. I have had a sudden acceptance of myself, which surprised me as I have been struggling so long over  so many years to do just that. Then *WHAM* just like that it happens ~ I like who I am, I am happy with what I am and realise that it’s not the what but the who in your life that really matters.

One person who has been instrumental in my new found peace is my second born Tasha ~ watching her these past few months coming to terms with her chronic health conditions and watching her slay the pounds in her battle with medication induced weight has been inspirational. She not only embraces who she is, but also her demons which she is little by little tethering and putting them away, safely caged enabling her to move forward. Her eyes are bright and sparkling, she magically passes on some of herself to you when you are in her presence, making you feel good about yourself which stays with you even when she leaves. I am immensely proud of how she is flourishing and maturing, she shares herself with all of those she loves. She counsels, listens, supports, loves and lightens everyones day. So to Tasha, thank you for helping me to love myself and for leading by example. I enjoy spending time with you, singing in the car and the laughter you bring to our family. You are a contributor to the glue that helps keep our family together, you and your sisters make myself and your dad laugh hard, sometimes so that tears fall and perhaps a little wee comes out ~ the kind of laughter that stays with you long after it stops.

My family, the girls and Dave, are my best friends ~ I never tire of spending time with them ~ we fight but not half as much as we used to. The sound in our house is predominantly laughter which is pretty awesome!

So yes I have issues, as we all do at some point in our lives, yet I am accepting of them. Everything is relative, it’s not a competition, I am now looking to live with my limitations to maximise every opportunity and to be grateful for what I have.

I no longer look at my reflection in the mirror and gag ~ instead I look and smile at myself ~ I’m okay, it’s amazing how much positive affirmations each day can make. At first you just say it not meaning it but after a while you begin to believe it and suddenly you live it, you are it.

So that’s it, just sharing with you something seemingly small that has had a huge impact on me. If you’re not there yet ~ keep going, it takes time but eventually it does happen.

Wishing you all the best day possible, you go do you!

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    Wonderful sentiments, is that the right word? Lovely purple hair, great picture.

    14th June 2018
    • Thank you ~ I have updated it with a paragraph about my second born (who was instrumental in my outlook) after receiving permission from her to include it. Also ~ purple hair is courtesy of Manic Panic Deep Purple Dream hair dye ~ which is allergy free for me ~ big win xx

      14th June 2018

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