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The Quinquagenarian

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What’s a Quinquagenarian?
(kwing-kwuh-juh-nair-ee-uh n, kwin-)
Word to describe someone who is 50 years of age.


The old man has reached a milestone today ~ he is celebrating being 50 years young ~ to mark this occasion we spent a weekend away, travelling long and hard, to Nottingham from Derby ~ to be honest, who wants to drive for ages when you can be celebrating hard.

We stayed in the Holdiay Inn Nottingham Castle Marina and had a bed that was vast, a huge tv, fridge and a massively peaceful, quiet location.

So what did we do?

Well initially not very much as we decided to take the bus into town ~ after 15 minutes of waiting we double checked the timetable and realised that buses didn’t run from the stop at weekends. Seriously though, in our defence the timetable was uber complicated!
A quick google and a tramstop was apparently close by, so we navigated the crossing and found our way to the tramstop. Having NEVER been on a tram, this to me was rather exciting.

We didn’t do a lot on the Saturday, had a quiet mooch about, mostly though we spent our time sitting outside at the tables kindly put there by publicans, watching the world go by and sipping on refreshing beverages. In the evening we tried out a Korean restuarant that had been recommended.

Have you tried Korean cuisine?

If not you simply have got to try it ~ it is awesome. So tasty and light, you feel full but not heavy from the food. There is so much to choose from and they do a large number of tofu dishes and are happy to make sure they have plenty of vegan options if you ask ~ they will just make some things off menu for you to comply with whichever diet you follow. Plus it is amazingly cheap, so great value for money is a bonus.

Sunday was a little busier ~ we visited the Nottingham Caves thankfully very little walking for us old gnarled folk. The tour guide was amazing, so full of knowledge and could answer any question thrown at her, plus I think we rocked the hard hats spectacularly!

After the caves we took some time out for a chilled brew and some people watching before heading off to the Nottingham Galleries of Justice to have a little nose around. It was facinating, going through the womens jail and very small exercise yard to the mens, the dark pits, the boys prisons and the spooky courtyard where the condemed were kept and then hung. All the graffitti on the bricks in the yard are real and not faked ~ they are the marks of those about to die, marking off the days, leaving their names for others to see when they are gone. The history was incredible going through the ages and even about those sent to Australia too. We were given a wrist band and told to track down our convicts as we went round.

Our wristbands and relating convicts..

The chair where convicts had their photographs taken..

The bricks where the prisoners etched their names or recorded days until their execution which are in the exercise yard where the prison hangings took place..

We managed to avoid the football and ensure we were in the museums during the match ~ we could tell instantly when we left the museum that England had won by the boisterous celebrations and bemused police making sure the peace was kept.

That evening we visited Rubs BBQ for tea and tried their bottomless BBQ ~ it was too much food and we had to concede defeat. They were running 2 for 1 cocktails and Dave chose the Woo Woo “That’s the sound of the Police” which we enjoyed and have made a note of the ingredients to make at home.

Ingredients are; Skyy Vodka, Peach Liquor, with passionfruit and vanilla syrup, Orange and Cranberry Juice topped with Prosecco and lots of crushed ice.

Home again now ~ today is Daves actual birthday and we are food and drinked out! Seriously we are jaded and so having a lovely quiet chilled day with the girls, dogs, birds and Gloria the squirrel.

Happy 50th Birthday Dave you Quinquagenarian, my love, my friend, my partner in crime.



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