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Those few of you who follow my blog will have gathered by now that I use this space to vent, ponder, share and look for feedback on subjects that touch my life. Thank you to those who read my ramblings, you are appreciated and please feel free to comment and feedback if you feel you agree/disagree or have differing perspectives from myself ~ I am always open to discussion and opposing views, who knows you may be focal on changing my mind about things at some point along this journey.

Last year was a shocker in many ways but lessons were learned along the way, so ultimately perhaps perversely fruitful. Sadly though there can be no positive twist on losing someone and 2015 saw the loss of friends which was heartbreaking, their lives were cut short without warning and left us, their family and friends numb. I know part of life is death, however no matter what age it happens it is always too soon and distressing even if you think you are prepared for its eventuality.

Family is and always will be my chief priority, if they are okay, then I’m okay. We fight, struggle, bicker like most families do but yet year on year we become closer and continue to learn more about each other ~ I genuinely think you can never say you know someone, no matter how close 100%, they always have the power to surprise you.

As per usual (for us) health is our nemesis ~ as soon as we think we are on top of one thing another issue rears it’s irritating head ~ it’s like a bloomin’ hydra, as soon as you chop off one head bugger me another one grows back! So we continue to fight, promote awareness and plough on as best we can.

With age, I am also finding, comes increasing clumsiness ~ my latest mishap was falling down the stairs, bending back my little finger & stubbing my toe! Today I am stiff & sore with pulled muscles & bruising. I’m also a dab hand at knocking things over and smashing glasses & crockery accidentally, burning myself on the oven and cutting myself on almost anything. I fear I should come with a safety warning! I am officially a “Klutz” defined by the urban dictionary as…
“A person who is never without a scrape or bruise. Always finds a way to trip, bump into things and people. And on occasion, they partially knock themselves out by walking into walls, doorways, and corners or cabinets and desks.”

This month I start making significant lifestyle changes. My weight needs to come down because I am at high risk of diabetes ~ but also because I also feel it has a negative impact on my energy levels along with the M.E. and my self-esteem regarding my appearance (as no matter how much I repeat affirmations and practice self-love it still niggles). So, January is detox month – juices, soups & shakes and no alcohol, then move onto gluten free all natural organic none processed regime after that.

As for anything else ~ let’s just see what unfurls, I am moving forward this year with no plan or expectation, I hope good things will happen and solutions found. The only date fixed in my diary is something I am hugely excited about ~ renewing my wedding vows in June!

I wish you all a year ahead that brings you whatever it is you need. I don’t do resolutions but if you do I wish you success in achieving/maintaining them beyond the first week of January! Most of all I wish you love, friendship and regular belly laughs when you need them most.

Laughing ~ Natures BEST medicine & kindest friend.

The best kind of pain is one caused by good belly laugh!



  1. Lovely!! Especially the part about the laughter. By the way, I too am a klutz…chronically clumsy with myself. I hope your are not too sore for long! πŸ™‚

    4th January 2016
    • Naww I feel your pain, the life of a klutz is never boring – at least we keep those around us highly amused – mind you The Dave is now joining in on the act and fell over a few days ago following comedy foot in dog bowl slide then today on slippy wood on our decking! Laughing at ourselves whilst the 3 offspring look on in dismay at us! Xxx #klutzcompetition πŸ˜„

      4th January 2016
  2. A lovely post, Tanya. 2015 sucked for so many people (I was one of them!) so I hope this new years brings plenty of opportunities and belly laughs for you. I love reading your posts and vow to comment more often so you know I’m here *waving madly*. Blogging and/or writing of any kind is a solitary affair and so it’s nice to know you have fans. πŸ™‚

    4th January 2016
    • Thank you so much for your lovely feedback *waves back excitedly* let’s hope the forthcoming year brings love & giggles *grabs Tena lady just in case* πŸ˜‰ xx

      4th January 2016

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