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Thrilled ~ a moment to celebrate

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This morning I saw a link to invite me to buy Christmas Cards from a Charity called Invest in ME, which made me hugely excited.
You may be questioning why I am so thrilled ~ it is because I put my amateur photography skills together with middle born daughter and we submitted 5 entries into their Christmas Card Competition. After on-line voting and then further deliberation by the Invest in ME panel, two of our five entries were successful in being winning entries. The funds from the sale of these cards will go towards the vital money needed to fund ongoing biomedical research into the illness Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which two of my three daughters suffer from.
What has made this all the more special for us is that one of the photographs was Tasha’s and one was mine. As we both have the same middle name, which is also the same as my late ma’s Christian name we decided to enter under the name Marguerita Mawer.
My entry

Tashas entry
So, you will see our two cards on the website listed and credited as being by Marguerita Mawer. This seems a fitting tribute to mum who loved Christmas, she claimed December as her party month ~ and boy did she know how to party too. These photographs always make me smile as they represent our Christmases perfectly.
Messing about with mum and Big Sis around the Christmas Tree

All dressed up with The Dave, Mum & Dad (wearing his “skirt”)

Another Christmas RAF Party/Ball with Mum & Big Sis

Very 80’s with Mum & Big Sis with our perms 
Sadly for us now December is a difficult month now full of significant dates. Mums birthday was 6th December, she died on 13th December, funeral several days later, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were always spent together and then we would all celebrate her Wedding Anniversary on 27th December, usually with a party. As the years are passing we are finding each December a little easier to navigate, we are now starting to be able to smile while we remember all the wonderful memories she left us with, very much a bitter-sweet time of year.
But, we are focusing now on dwelling on happier times, good memories and our fortune to have had mum with us for as long as we did. We count our blessings and this year especially, we are thrilled to have had our entries made into cards and will be sending them out to all our friends and family with pride.
If you fancy buying charity Christmas cards this year then you may consider buying some of these (great value for money too as not too expensive).
Invest in ME 2014 Charity Christmas Cards can be purchased here
Okay, that’s enough Christmas for now, we have to focus on Halloween which is fast approaching and needs our full attention!
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