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happy dance

This morning I woke up a tad grumpy, I haven’t slept much because my sigmoid colon (where my diverticuli are) decided to throw waves of pain at me ~ however, after my morning coffee and painkillers I started to feeling a little more human, enough to start opening my emails. The first one waiting to be opened was from the Open University, the title ~ results!

With nervous fingers I clicked open the file and was thrilled to see I had a score of 92/100 and passed my photographic module ~ I can tell you this put a huge grin on my face and my mood swung from grumpy to insanely happy in one click.

I know to all the academics and skilled photographers this seems like nothing, a mere module in photography for absolute beginners, but for me it is up there with qualifying as a registered nurse.

Here is the email attachment I received …

letter with address blocked out

So, keen to find out exactly what the assessors thought of my work I then clicked onto the other link provided, this is what it said …

Task:TG089 Digital photography
Your Project performance profile
This page contains information about your performance in the examinable component for your module. The information is based on the judgement made by the Examination and Assessment Board on each aspect of your work. We regret that it is not possible for us to provide more detailed feedback but hope that you find this information

This profile was produced on July 08, 2016.

Your performance on particular aspects
EMA performance Performance
(Scale: Outstanding, Excellent, Well achieved, Achieved, Just achieved, Not quite achieved,Not achieved: –
Visual awareness   Excellent
Technical quality   Excellent
Written reflection Excellent

The following comments have been recorded for you
Comments on the EMA
Visual Awareness
I really enjoyed looking at your pictures Tanya, which were visually excellent. You have also shown a variety of subject matter and techniques. My favourite image is No.9 the close up face of the girl with dramatic make-up her eyes are piercing and command attention and the balance of the face with the hoop ear rings works well. I love the “studs” and the shapes repeating from the lips to the eye brows and the eyes nostrils all complimenting each other. The bottle caps are a different view and triple “Bud” is cleverly done using the colour red. Good use of colour and saturation. The colour red has the ability to “advance” i.e. appear closer to the viewer was used to good effect. The Gull is good too particularly liked the bird flying away from you the spread of the wings and the fan effect of the tail feathers. Good use of Differential Focus cleverly chosen Aperture showing just enough Depth of field. Dog is cute and the use of colours good in No.3 and 7.I enjoyed reading Part 2 and felt you had worked hard to good effect on the Barbed Wire shot No.8. this simple shot is excellent a little as you say out of focus on the tips of the “knot” but still well thought out and effective.

Technical Quality
A good panel on a technical level which maintains a good standard throughout. Technique on Depth of Field mentioned above but suggest in future you try many different Apertures and combinations of settings and then choose which works when viewing on your Computer Monitor. Make notes when you do these exercises and then you will be able to repeat the best combination. Bee is difficult subject and the soft hair on the Bee difficult to focus on to get it sharp enough but a good effort and well taken to show the Pollen on the hairs on the Bee. Macro photography does need the subject to be bitingly sharp in at least one area but I feel the main subject in No.7 I feel a larger area should be sharp and where it is should be bitingly sharp. One way to solve this would be to make the main subject larger in the frame. I read with interest your part 2 answers and acknowledge the way you tackled the difficult subject of No.1 to produce the dramatic effect you wanted. I do like this image but the long streak of light from the flame is burnt out (devoid of interest) it may benefit from being darkened at the top edge. This is a minor point but worth getting right as this is a brilliant image. Highlights draw the eye particularly when they are “bald” devoid of detail and often take attention away from the main subject. Try darkening or cloning out from an adjacent area but often the problem can be avoided by using the good “rule of thumb” which is “to expose for the Highlights and bring back the shadow detail in the Digital Lightroom”, this way you will not have highlights which are devoid of detail. The sharpness and texture on No. 4 of the Fungi is excellent.

Keep experimenting, taking a range of pictures and subject matter, enjoy seeing the world through the lens of a camera and most of all enjoy your photography.

I agree with all the feedback and acknowledge the constructive criticism ~ after submitting the Bee and Dog photos I realised (once the final completion date had passed) that I could have done so much better. But that’s all part of the learning curve. I have found that I just love taking macro pictures but am limited as I only have the settings on my camera to play with in doing this type of photography. SO, I am saving up to buy myself a good quality macro lens to play with and will be keen to see how much that will improve my photography.

The Macro Bee I submitted
A recent Macro Shot ~ Much sharper with reflection of laced wings on the leaf and sharper eye definition.

I am aware that my photographs are still very amateurish, yet the pleasure I am getting from experimenting and exploring with this hobby is immense. It will always be just that, a hobby, but from time to time I will enrol on further courses to expand my knowledge and find new techniques and ways to capture images.

I am inspired by my photographer friends and find their images awesome.Finding a hobby like this, as I hit my late forties, has given me an outlet which I can access despite my health issues. It allows me to immerse myself in something that can transport me away from everything other than what is on the other side of the lens. Whether it be from my bedside, inside the house, the garden or further afield. Thank you so much Keisha ~ who is my eldest daughter for those who may not know, for gifting me your camera and opening up a whole new world to me.

So, if you are up to following my sporadic blog and intermittent photographic adventures I would be interested to hear your views and see any images you have created too.

Til next time happy clicking.


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