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To Flash Or Not To Flash ~ That Is The Question

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As you may have gathered from previous posts, I’m enormously fond of macro photography ~ although yet to master it.

I have a ring flash which I have never used until yesterday. I spent my time walking around our now almost arid garden landscape to search for critters to experiment on.

I tried the blue flash ring filter and also the opaque white one. I will be trying out the orange and clear ones over the next couple of days. Being me, I have no knowledge about which to use when and where or whether to “flash” or keep continuous light, then there are options of left, right or both. So it’s all down to experimentation.

I am sort of happy with these, although ants are my nemesis and I have yet to shoot the perfectly clear image of one ~ so the ant ones are a work in progress but I have included them so that over forthcoming blog posts I can see my progress.

So, if you love macro photography and use a flash ring please get in touch and pass on your knowledge, tips and advice ~ I would be hugely grateful.

So without any more waffle from me ~ here are the images and all constructive critisism, tips and advice always welcomed.

So first off ~ the ants!

Some spiders..

A butterfly..

Some flies..

Some other critters..

The very small beginnings of a wasp nest abandoned before completion..

Other random shots..


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