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Today Has Been A Good Day!

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I think every now and then we all need to have a good day, to remind us at the very least that they do exist despite how tricksy they can be to find!

This morning I felt jaded and aching, not wanting to move, to do anything ~ but I pulled my cranky old ass out of bed and threw on my “day pyjamas” aka leggings, slouchy jumper and socks ~ pull on boots if needing to go outside.

So, dressed and awake in a fashion, I made youngest her pack~up and took her to College before returning home via the supermarket to pick up a few necessary items to see us through the next couple of days.

Once home I topped up my caffeine levels before facing breakfast ~ just a bowl of Rice Krispies this morning because I needed that “snap”, “crackle” and “pop”, it’s the small things don’t you know.

After that I ventured in to see eldest and middle daughters, to see if it was possible for them to venture further than their bed and out of their caverns into daylight. They did, surprisingly, which was nice.

Midday loomed and I ventured out of the house once more to drop off some returns at a well known clothing store before dropping off eldest at her flat. Then I headed towards the College where youngest child studies to be her “client” for her waxing assessment. I was to have my eyebrows and chin waxed, I passed up the option of bikini wax and thankfully someone else stepped in to have that done by her.

So eyebrows waxed ~ no problem, I nearly fell asleep on the couch I was so relaxed and have to say youngest does have a very gentle touch. Tutor had observed and was happy with the result and we were well in the time allocated for the procedure, she passed.

Then onto the chin wax ~ this, for some unknown reason, made me giggle. The problem with giggles is that the giggling makes you giggle more until you lose track of what set you off giggling in the first place. Poor child having to wax her now trembling mothers chin as I tried to stifle and contain the giggles. My whole body was shaking with the effort to  hold them back and my eyes were watering with tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks. The problem with giggling is that it sets off other folk nearby with the giggles to. I apologised once I had contained myself to both youngest and her tutor for being a naughty client and not helping make the job of the chin wax a easy one for youngest. Thankfully she passed, so with smooth and shaped but red eyebrows and a red goatee on my chin I left the college.

Shenanigans over I returned home and chatted with middle child until it was time to once more return to the college, middle child along for the ride, to pick up youngest. She came out of college with a beaming smile ~ she had passed her bikini wax assessment too and had officially completed her Level 2 Beauty qualification 3 months ahead of time despite having 59% attendance due to her ME.

How brilliant is that! My littlest one has gained her second beauty qualification and is able to work in beauty from this moment onwards. However, she is hungry to learn more and is therefore commencing her Level 3 Beauty starting Monday of next week. This young adult is on a role ~ I am amazed at how much focus and determination, despite her illness, she has. It’s through hard work and pacing that she has managed to get through her college assessments and coursework. The times spent in bed studying on her poorly days, trying to do as much as she could until brain fog and fatigue made her stop. To say I am proud of her achievements would be a huge understatement. So high fives and air punches all round ~ the girl done good.

Now we are into the late afternoon and I return home with youngest two daughters. Youngest goes to bed whilst myself and second born set to with preparing dinner. A salmon risotto for youngest ~ delivered on a try to her bedroom, not only with her main course but also a slice of cherry pie for pud too!

My second born child is a body piercer and fledgling tattoo artist ~ she also has a damn fine pallet and can season the shit out of the most uninspiring foods, creating delicious dishes. So, I let her take control whilst I assisted with preparation and washed up. The dinner was D~E~L~I~C~I~O~U~S  a humble vegan pasta bake but boy did it pack in those flavours. It consisted of macaroni pasta, Cheatin’ vegan bacon, mushrooms, garlic, red and yellow peppers, onions, brandy, creamy Oatly crème fraiche  and vegan cream cheese along with Oatly milk, the final twist ~ wholemeal breadcrumbs mixed with vegan parmesan cheese alternative. All in all simply divine.


So ~ after we had popped the bake into the oven we left youngest in bed with her risotto and nipped out to pick up eldest from her flat ~ along with her laundry because we need to sort out her machine and lack of water pressure with her landlord.

To top off my “good day” I was able to spend half an hour outside with my camera and met Sidney Snail ~ we bonded, he was very photogenic,  giving me plenty to work with.

We (me and middle born child) discovered random frog spawn on the decking, I tried to rescue it and put it in water but it had already dried out too much. Some poor frog somewhere will be saddened by the lack of little froglets but I have vowed to check daily to see if more appears and to rescue it if it does.

I also took photos of the dogs noses ~ just because they are so boopiful ~ don’t you just love booping a dogs wee nose?

Then, just as it had been raining I snapped a few water drops..

So today has been a good day ~ I wanted to share that with you because these days are precious.

I hope you have had a good day too ~ if not today then very soon.


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