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Trying The Spherical Way

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Our dogs are funny creatures, Loki in particular. Both seem to prefer one of us to accompany them in the garden, Loki will often come backwards and forwards to us trying to entice us to follow him.

When we leave them to their own devices they can often become annoying bark monsters, talking to all our surrounding neighbours dogs. Loki has quite a deep bark but Taylors goes right through you, it’s like nails on a chalk board because his bark is really shrill. Yet when we sit outside with them they don’t bark, so I often wonder if the barking is for our benefit to get our attention and draw us out to sit with them.

Often I will go out, open the gate onto the lawn and sit on the wall whilst watching them. They will then play around together, do their rounds of the garden to ensure we are all safe and secure, before either messing about, eating grass (they love the large flat blades) or general moseying about.

Dave usually just sits and chills when out with the dogs but I find I get bored and so most times pick up my camera to take any critter, bird or web photos that may catch my eye.

Sadly, not being gardeners, our garden is rather stark and barren at the moment. Many of our pot plants have curled up ready for Winter, the Buddleia has no more buds, the old blooms dried out and brown ~ ready for cutting back. That just leaves our holly tree and the odd branch of tree or plant that drape over our fence from our neighbours gardens.

A while ago I purchased a sphere and have rarely used it, mostly because I have no clue how to get anything out of it except my reflection.

I have gleaned from other photographers that you have to place the ball high up and then find the best position, usually crouching down, to get a picture without your own shadow taking pride of place in the image.

Our garden has very few raised platforms for my ball. I have fence posts and the squirrel feeder. Other than that it’s my dry cracked hands holding the sphere ~ not the nicest image.

Undeterred my sphere in my hand, camera around my neck I boldly stepped out onto the lawn with my dogs. They mooched as I snapped. I had so many failures but will keep reading up on ways how to use it then practice, practice, experiment and practice some more.

SO, here are my attempts..

I love playing around with images, photography for me is escapism and fun ~ nothing more nothing less. I do envy professional photographers and the really good hobbyist/amateur photographers because they have the skill, knowledge and dedication to produce awesome results that are beyond me.

I often wish that when I was younger~ perhaps after finishing my nursing training, that I had enrolled on a full~time college course to study photography and editing but alas alack I didn’t. Now my brain is too fuddled to absorb information, reading is out of the question, hence my use of audio books. I am grateful for technology and the ability to use the dictation and read back functions on my laptop, so I can keep up to date in that way, although it is limited.

So, that’s me all caught up with y’all and instead of blathering on more I think I’d better wrap it up ~ hope to see you next time.




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