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Unfazed ~ Nothing Has To Be Perfect.

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I love photography as a hobby because every individuals style is different. We all strive for different goals and as a result all images vary enormously. One subject could be depicted any number of ways by different photographers because what we see as we look from behind the lens is different.

I love using my macro lens, I’m not great at it ~ but that’s okay. Some of my favourite photographs are the imperfect ones, the ones with slight blur or imperfect angles. For me it’s finding beauty in the mundane, the normal and trying to show it from my viewpoint. Which is just as well considering I am pretty much housebound at the moment and so my material is limited to house and garden.

I really ought to use my normal lens now and again too ~ but I literally am giddy with the thrill of looking through my macro lens, the challenge of finding the focus, working out how for to zoom in or stand back. Playing with the settings in manual and finding the sweet point I am looking for all make my heart sing and my Serotonin fire off happy signals to my brain.

I had a look back at the macro photos I have taken so far and wanted to share my favourite ones with you, all different, all not perfect, but all ones I enjoy looking at.

The skull spoon collection..

Fruit collection..



Ice and water..

What’s my favourite choc?


Through the fence hole..


Things from the garden..

Growing on the windowsill..



Spray carnation ~ Mother and bud..


The feather bird..


Self portrait reflection in skull spoon..




  1. love the close-up of the doorbell ๐Ÿ™‚

    20th March 2018
    • So do I, it looks very ordinary in real life though ๐Ÿ˜€

      20th March 2018

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