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Vegan Baking

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Having two vegan daughters means I am learning how to cook new and interesting dishes. However, baking without eggs is proving very challenging for me. I have a chocolate cake recipe where I use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of eggs ~ the cake is lovely ~ very moist and almost like a brownie but it doesn’t work when making normal vanilla sponge or other types of cake.

So I have purchased some egg replacer, which says on the box can take the place of eggs in cakes and other recipes.

Today I am experimenting with a mocha cake ~ using three teaspoons of egg replacer mixed into 6 tablespoons of water. The rest of the recipe is exactly as it would be for a “normal” cake apart from the eggs I am also using a dairy free spread as a substitute for butter.

I mixed up the batter and all seems okay so far. Tasting the raw batter I defy anyone to be able to tell the difference between this and normal cake with dairy and eggs. Batter put in the oven, timer set and fingers crossed.

Timer says cakes are done ~ open the oven and yes, they smell “normal” but the texture is weird. Sort of dense but spongy ~ different from normal cakes. Anyhoo ~ onwards to turning them out and the damn things stuck to my non-stick baking parchment! This is how they look whilst cooling..

The test will be in the tasting ~ I’m cheating with the icing and using ready made Betty Crocker. I have tried many times to make a good vegan fudge icing but each time the vegan butter substitute splits and it ends up not too tasty either as I try adding icing sugar to make it the right consistency and the icing is more icing sugar and teeth achingly sweet and less chocolate fudgy loveliness.

Frustratingly the cake didn’t want to come off the cooling wire ~ it’s very crumbly. Looking for aids I found my wide fish slice thingamabob and carefully transferred one cake onto my plate. Iced the centre, trying desperately not to dig holes in it as I spread the icing. Fish slice used again to plop the second cake on top of the iced first one. Then madly tried to soften the icing by stirring around in the tub before, using a palate knife, I spread icing over the top. Any bits that broke off were cemented back in with my icing mortar.


So now for the taste test and the opinions of my vegan testers..

“It’s lovely and moist, it tastes a bit like a fudgy brownie cake, the coffee hasn’t really come through but there is a tiny hint of it.”

Result ~ It’s a thumbs up but needs further work to make it taste cakey and less brownie and to tinker with quantities to get the coffee flavour just right.

SO ~ any vegan bakers out there? Any hints, tips or recipes you could share with me to make the perfect moist sponge cake would be hugely appreciated.




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  1. Well done you, Tanya! My daughter is a vegan and I must admit I don’t really like the texture of many of the vegan alternatives. I do my best for her though, but could never be vegan myself. I love my eggs and cheese too much. That said, I always do my best to buy eggs from free-range hens and cheese from cows in the field, but giving them up entirely would make food even less interesting. I’m not much of a foodie at the best of times. Your cake looks delicious, though, even if not quite the regular shape 🙂

    31st March 2018

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