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Walk for ME 2016: Update

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For all you lovely folks who know me and remember that I do a “Walk for ME” every year.

This year I am doing it alone, by choice ~ as it takes the pressure off me. I have decided to do it on 17th May, which also happens to be my 47th birthday. I have discussed with my family to take time out for myself alone for a week in my caravan in Filey, which I did last year and LOVED it! They were reluctant to agree at first because it means being alone on my birthday ~ solution is I’ll pretend my birthday is the weekend I get home and we’ll celebrate it then, after all, it’s only a day out of a year ~ no big deal (well not to me anyhoo).

Walking for me since getting ME is painful, difficult and frustrating. I have chronic joint pain and need ankle supports as they give way without warning and swell horribly. I also wear wrist supports for my chocolate wrists and have to walk with support of crutches or my stick. This is necessary to stop me keeling over if my ankle/s decide to misbehave and give way, the stick/crutches provide me with some dignity and ability to stay upright whilst in public (and no ~ I don’t fall down due to too many glasses of the grape juice!). I need frequent rests and walk at a snails pace, but am thankful that I can still manage to get out and walk, even with the many pit-stops it requires.

1915331_10154029393539555_4333616884875246522_n (2)
My trusty stick, purple of course!

So, with the families blessing I have now decided my route, to where other than my favourite happy place ~ the beach, which also conveniently happens to have an access point from our caravan site. The walk is a fair way for me and my poor legs/ankles so I will have to do it in stages. I aim to have a backpack with my picnic and camera, then with my trusty stick or crutches along with the necessary ankle and wrist supports will walk, rest, people watch and repeat bench by bench until I reach my destination. Thankfully there are numerous benches along the route, perfectly situated for many rests for me whilst allowing a good view to people watch too. I’ll then picnic on the beach, listen to some music and watch the waves for a while before returning to the caravan and collapsing in a sweaty heap! I hope post exertional malaise won’t be too cruel to me afterwards but in my opinion, even if it does, this exercise is worth while. The funds raised will help towards paying for ongoing and future research projects which ultimately will help all sufferers of this illness.

I promise to write a photo blog of my walk for you all, the photos may be random and bizarre depending on my mood and view but will share them with you along with a description of my experience on the day.

Why do this? Because I WANT, NEED, to get better! I have cared for and watched my daughters suffer with this illness and now have it myself which is limiting my ability not only to care for them but also for myself. I have so many lists of plans I want to fulfill and can’t right now ~ hopefully with the research by Invest in ME I will be able to tick them off in the future. Til then it’s a case of life on hold.

I hope you will join me on this journey and perhaps even donate a wee sum to my just giving page to help raise the funds to pay towards ongoing and future research projects? If you don’t like donating via the web page on justgiving via the link I provided and instead prefer texting then just follow the picture instructions below….

Justgiving text code for my Walk for ME 2016

Thankfully, one thing ME can’t take away from me, is my enthusiasm for life and desire to return to some semblance of health which I know will be possible in the future. I have now found a hobby in photography, using online courses as the most suitable for a ME sufferer, able to study in own time at own rate and no pressure = perfect. I am starting a photography blog for anyone interested, so anyone with a similar interest can join me, share photos, advise me and provide constructive criticism and friendship along the way.

Hoping you all had a great Easter Break and enjoying the lovely Spring weather, now roll on Summer!

A wee photo I took 🙂



  1. Sorry to hear you now also have ME Tanya. I hope you enjoy your week away and look forward to hearing about it and your walk. You’re a fantastic awareness raiser and fundraiser. Thanks for doing so once again and supporting Invest in ME xx

    9th April 2016
  2. […] in ME I will be able to tick them off in the future. Til then it’s a case of life on hold.” Click here to read and share her full […]

    31st March 2016

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