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What A Day!

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Do you ever get up and find yourself just being clumsy and then you stay clumsy for the rest of the day?

Today was one of those days.

Today Dave left me for a week, he’s off in a van with two mates taking furniture and other odds and sods to Sweden. One of the mates lives there and needs to transfer belongs stored at his parents house to his new Swedish digs.

So, back to me and my day once Dave left, I have knocked, spilt, mopped up and cursed throughout the day.

During today I have broken a glass, poured a half full cup of coffee on the floor and into the dishwasher of clean plates. I have had two extension cables break and generally knocked and spilt whenever I touched anything.

I decided to get “Christmas” out of the loft and put it up. I only decorate one room ~ our lounge. I pretty much live in the lounge with sporadic trips to the kitchen or loo and then just upstairs to go to bed. So only the one room gets a visit from the Christmas Elf.

I had the fairy lights to put around the room and the tree, our old much loved tree that we’ve  had since the girls were little. So, I geared myself up and decided to first get the tree up and then started on fairy lights.  So, fairy lights up and tree up next step put lights on the tree. I had two boxes of lights and very slowly walked around the tree unwinding the lights onto the tree as I went.

The tree looked lovely and the lights were perfect ~ but wait! The tree started to lean, it leaned and then it leaned some more and THEN it SNAPPED! Right in the middle, the section just snapped in half, irreparable!

Buggrit and some other words were expelled as I grabbed the two halves of the tree which were now horribly entangled in the lights. Our tree, our old, tattered, “rustic” tree was no more. I gathered up the remains and disentangled it from the lights with the help of my first born. The tree deposited in the bin and all the faux pine needles hoovered up ~ it looked like someone had sprinkled them heavily across the room ~ a  result of heated and frantic movements as I tried to disentangle the damn lights.  Finally lights free from the tree and put to one side I started to trawl the internet for a replacement.

All the lovely trees were sold out, everywhere! Oh shit!

Finally, after much searching I found one at Homebase which I reserved and will collect tomorrow. Its not a patch on the old tree, but it will have to do!

Time to feed the dogs, Taylor wolfed his down but Loki turned his nose up at his ~ standard behaviour if either myself or Dave have gone away. The little monkey ended up having scrambled egg for his tea.

With no tree to decorate and dogs fed I only had to cook tea ~ vegan garlic mushroom and pea risotto ~ I didn’t burn it or anything, things must be looking up.

Risotto almost ready to serve I took myself off to the fridge to get the jug of orange infused water and somehow managed to spill it all over the inside of the fridge ~ I kid you not! So, water logged fridge required operation soak up, copious amounts of kitchen roll were deployed and fridge is now dry with no puddles or drips.
So, for now we have a fairy lit lounge and the tree will be added tomorrow with the help of the girls. As today has depleted me somewhat I’m now behaving and resting. I have no choice as first born is threatening dobbing me in to Dave if I don’t.

Having had a day when things break on me, plus being clumsy and making mess which needing cleaning up over and over was a little annoying. However, I have survived to the end of the day with no bones broken and so that’s good enough for me.

Wishing you a good week, whatever you’re doing and may it be accident free.


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