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What are you doing today?

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I woke up this morning to the curtain billowing into the room, the scent of glorious fresh air and three warm dogs snuggled up against my body ~ it felt good! I haven’t slept properly (again) except for a couple of hours broken sleep yet I still feel content. Several strong cups of coffee help to revive me and my body starts to feel human again.
Not really sure what has got into me today but I decide to bite the bullet and put on the dress my daughter bought me for my birthday. Now, if you don’t know me you would think “so what” ~ but if you do know me then you also appreciate that I never wear dresses, skirts or in fact anything remotely feminine. It’s not for any reason in particular other than that I am a person who opts for practical and comfortable clothing, so usually trousers and trainers. I don’t wear make-up as I don’t like the way it feels on my skin and rarely wear jewellery because I tend to react to it, no matter how pure the metal. My daughter, however, has often tried to prise me into a dress or skirt ~ something pretty and womanly with no luck. That is until she came up with the cunning plan of buying me a dress for my birthday which would then mean I would have to wear it otherwise it would be considered rude and ungrateful of me.
Well, Tara my love, it worked and I am wearing it today ~ although admittedly with my magic pants underneath to hold and control my stomach, which if left unguarded would revel in having freedom to undulate and party without decorum which quite frankly is undignified of a stomach that age and so needs reining in! I am finding the dress surprisingly comfortable and lightweight, which is a blessing in this heat.  I must admit to feeling a little exposed though as if I’m not wearing sufficient clothing.  Very strange sensation indeed, as I am used to being hemmed in by trousers and then covering up with loose tops.
So today I am mostly wearing a dress, nothing ground breaking or astounding but a breakthrough for me at least.
The weather is also glorious, no matter how grumpy I feel when I look outside and see blue skies, fluffy clouds and wonderful warm sunshine it instantly lifts my mood.
Additionally today we met the guy from Nisai and signed Tara up for her Maths and English GCSE courses starting in September. She will have her induction around the virtual classroom in August and assessed for ability to ensure she is grouped properly as they don’t allocate classes according to age.  It is very exciting and my gut tells me it is absolutely the right educational choice for Tara too.
Just fyi I am now going to make a cherry smoothie, slap on some sun cream and sit in the shade (if I can find any) with my Terry Pratchett discworld novel.
So, what are you going to do today? I am nosey and love to people watch whenever I have the opportunity, my curiosity makes me wonder what you are doing today ~ are you trying something different, doing something that you would usually avoid, working, following your usual routine or just having a day off and sitting enjoying the beautiful weather?
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