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When you just stop..

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Today I just stopped.

I plonked a directors chair in the middle of the garden, camera around my neck, drink to my side and just sat.

IMG_7732Despite it’s looks, this creaky old chair is surprisingly comfortable

I sat, I watched, I took the odd photo and I just was.

The sun was shining, it was warm and I could wear just a tee shirt, the birds were in full song and the trees were alive with bees.

We have a regular cheeky squirrel visit the garden ~ whenever I’m not looking he dips into the birds food supplies and takes some for himself. He’s quite the character and very difficult to capture on camera ~ alas today I couldn’t quite catch him in time.

I left half a coconut shell full of peanuts for him.

I nipped inside to grab and sandwhich and when I returned to my chair I noticed that not only had the peanuts gone but the coconut shell had disappeared too!

We had a number of wee bird visiters enjoying the seeds, mealworms, nuts and fat balls.

Whilst I was sitting, just being, Loki jumped up on my knee and Taylor settled by my feet with his head on one foot.

To protect my delicate head from the sun I wore my favourite baseball cap which I aquired in 1991 whilst visiting New York with my then fiance ~ now husband of 25 years. It is so comfortable and versatile ~ it has saved me on many bad hair days too.

I plonked it on the fence whilst I busied myself restocking the bird feeding station and thought it looked quite cute ~ waiting patiently for me to go back to it and plonk it back on my head.

From my directors chair I spied the old knackered patio chairs which we keep meaning to smash up. The compost bins, the ramshackle shed which manages to stay intact despite coming apart at the seems. From inside it you can see next doors garden in the gap between one of the walls and the floor. Our baggy saggy on its last legs rotary clothes drier which needs to go to the cloths line graveyard. I also snapped a random snail, a flower, some berries and a feather ~ as you do!

There were bees flitting around by my feet and around the dogs ~ not that they stirred. I managed to capture a few shots of them from my limited position on the chair with a very comfortable Loki snoring on my lap.

Of course it’s not just bees I tend to snap ~ I also found this wee critter too..

The dogs had a little play intermittently before returning to their positions of my knee and feet ~ so I took the opportunity to take a few quick photos of them ..

So if when you next get the opportunity I would highly recommend taking a day out to just stop, be somewhere you find relaxing and just “be”.

I did and really enjoyed my day!


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