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Where am I at now?

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So, it’s been a wee bit quiet on the whole photography blogging front. This is mostly due to recurring health issues, as my body, not content with throwing ME (Myalgic Encephomyelitis) at me has also decided to shake things up a bit and also grace me with chronic illness Diverticulitis (totally unpleasant) which has left me juggling digestive issues, medication and change of diet with flare ups tripping me up along the way. Having 2 chronic illnesses is a real pain in the butt (literally), as when one flares up it then exacerbates the other!

So, I had better catch you up. I completed my Open University “Digital photography: creating and sharing better images” course the end of May this year and am currently awaiting my results, which should arrive end of July. I am incredibly nervous as the images and written component I submitted I now feel I could have improved upon ~ but that’s the wonders of hindsight isn’t it.

The panel of 10 photos I submitted are the following (please be kind, remember I am a complete novice) …

01_Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire
02_Liquid Refreshment
Liquid Refreshment
03_Sweet Treats
Sweet Treats
04_Fungal Petals
Fungal petals
05_Waiting For His Master
Waiting For His Master
06_Tired Bee Recovering
Tired Bee Recovering
07_Spring Buds Opening
Spring Buds Opening
08_Do Not Enter
Do Not Enter
09_ Piercing Stare
Piercing Stare
10_Flying Away
Flying Away

I took a break from study for a few weeks whilst illnesses battle against themselves within my body ~ but not for too long! I have since registered with a fabulous on-line course called DSLR Photography Guide; helping to understand your digital camera, which is absolutely brilliant.  The course requires a one off payment, once this has been processed you have access to the online tutorials and assignments, downloadable cheat sheets and 4 E-Books plus closed facebook page where you can interact with other photographers of all levels, sharing tips, advice and critiques. For me this is the perfect way to study as I can dip in and out of it as and when I am able, there is no qualification or assessment at the end, it’s just purely to help people understand how to use their cameras to produce the best pictures. To be fair I have only completed the first lesson, but feel that it has already made a huge difference on the quality of the pictures I have produced.

So, here is a sneaky peak of some of my recent photographs using the information I have learnt from just this first lesson…

IMG_3060IMG_3061 (2)IMG_3061IMG_3062IMG_3063IMG_3131 (2)IMG_3137IMG_3138 (2)IMG_3246


IMG_0899just one dropIMG_3352IMG_3358IMG_3360IMG_2907IMG_2910IMG_2914IMG_2923IMG_2927IMG_2929IMG_2929b162285323326368371383391395397379613220720921624960116125126137108112121188229


This journey of discovery for me is hugely exciting, looking at my latest batch of photographs I can already see an improvement since completing my OU course and starting the second course. I am curious to see how much more I will improve as I progress through the course. Although I recognise I will never be anything other than a hobbyist it is certainly an occupation that is bringing me an enormous amount of pleasure and enjoyment.

Oh, just a quickie, if you are on either Facebook,  YouPic or Flickr please come join and follow me so that I can follow you back and share our images.

Til next time 🙂


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  1. Great to hear how you are enjoying these, Tanya! Super photos. I like the closeups especially. I’ve followed you on Flickr 🙂

    7th May 2017

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