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Why Blog?

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Why Blog?


Do you read or write a blog, if so what kind? What are your thoughts about blogging?

The internet allows folk like me who are largely housebound to escape their confining four walls and virtually explore and interact with others. Through Facebook, Twitter & Instagram  I “meet” others and also discover blogs which have a range of topics previously not considered. I enjoy reading the thoughts and opinions of the people who write them, realising that they either resonate with me or open my mind to other unseen perspectives, whether I agree with them or not.

Blogs can be unexpectedly educational for the unsuspecting reader. Serious blogs containing current issues and hard facts can sometimes sway my opinion or at least provide deeper insight into opposing viewpoints. Business blogs offer insight into sectors and products on offer. Blogs about specific health issues, diseases and conditions help raise awareness and understanding which can only be positive thing. Others which may be about crafts, photography, hobbies, diets and recipes among a few can inspire future projects or just pleasure in seeing the creative talents of others.The blogs containing poetry, short stories, interviews, and reviews can point me towards authors, bands or artists that were previously unknown to me. Then there are the personal blogs where folk just write about what is going on in their life. I enjoy these too, I’m nosey and like to see how people live and think, their struggles and their wins. Some talk about transitions from one state of being to another. This type of blog can often trigger a range of emotions from sadness, awe, respect, understanding, empathy and anger either on behalf of or at the writer, depending on subject matter. These blogs open your eyes to the many unspoken struggles of people who on the surface look perfectly fine. Some are struggling talking about bullying or lack of self~esteem, or issues such as the adventures and challenges of being new mums, issues of sexuality and gender, being a carer for someone or the person being cared for. The range of personal blog subject matter is vast and varied. Lastly there are the “pet” blogs, whether dog, horse cat or chicken for a few examples ~ these make me laugh following life through their eyes as perceived by their owners.

The bloggersphere contains a multitude of blogs of all styles, topics & viewpoints which are constantly being published so that I will never be short of something to read. Plus, if I discover blogs with content I enjoy I can subscribe to them and receive email notifications so that no blog by that writer is missed. I love this aspect of blogs as I can store the emails into a “to read” folder ready to go back to when opportunity allows me to dip in and out of them and catch up.

I have been made aware on a few occasions since I started my own personal blog that it is the opinion of some that my type of blog is distasteful and pointless. That I am conceited and self~absorbed to think that anyone would be interested in anything I share and it should be kept to myself. This genuinely astounded and baffled me because no~one is forced to read anything that is published online whether by myself or others, instead just scroll on if not interested. You have to actively click to read them and so why read something you aren’t interested in just to complain or have a dig about it?

This led me to thinking why do I blog?

The idea of blogging was initially seeded by my sister who has been amazed by the twists and turns of my life and said I ought to write it down. Unfortunately much of what has happened involves others and I think it unfair to divulge events which they wish to keep private and I fully respect their decision. So I did nothing. A few years later I was under a therapist to help me adjust to my grief from losing my mum and a number of other stressful issues along with the recurrence of my black dog called depression. She helped me realise that writing things down can be helpful in calming my busy swirling thoughts and emotions. So after my therapy finished I promised my therapist I would take her up on her suggestion of blogging and Crazy Purple Mama emerged.

For me writing my blog posts helps me to evaluate and assess my life, clearing my messy mind and finding some perspective. I benefit enormously too from the interaction from my readers either via personal message or the comments. Finding support and advice from this interaction is incredibly heart warming and appreciated. Sometimes I hear from people who are experiencing similar emotions or issues and so also feel a sense of camaraderie and understanding with these people who I would otherwise not have had contact with.

Since writing my blog I have found that my confidence has increased and discovered a sense of self and awareness I didn’t have before. By sharing my life as it happens I am finding self~love and realisation that previously I was my own worst enemy. Being self~critical and socially uncomfortable I have found blogging a safe place where I can process my insecurities, explore my feelings, emotions and experiences and grow from the discoveries by identifying my weaknesses and what I need to work from.

Through my blog I face my fears, sharing details which sometimes make me squirm but result in giving me strength and control over what people know about me. I always ask permission from my family if I include them in my writing and get them to proof read what I write to ensure they are comfortable with the content.. The process of my warts and all approach about my life allows me to show my struggles and achievements, it gives me a historical log of my life which when reading back shows me the progress I have made. I recently posted photos of myself depicting my weight gain and explanation of why ~ this is so those who chose to fat shame me have no ammunition left to hurt me. I took control and the decision that my weight does not define who I am, this is me, the person Inside is who defines me, not anyone else. Once those photos were published a weight lifted off my shoulders, I am no longer afraid of the opinion of others on the issue of my size. I felt insanely free.

Another aspect of my blog is the health issues I face and those of my family. I feel it can only be a positive step to air these battles in order to raise awareness and understanding. It also affords me to share the charities and causes close to my heart, how they work, what they need and how they can help. I try not to be gloomy in my approach to talking about physical and mental health battles, just open, honest and hopeful. Plus, seeing as writing my blog is free and portable, written on my phone, iPad or computer it means I can do it anywhere at anytime and it is incidentally cheaper and more accessible than therapy. Many times I write blogs and never publish them, as contrary to those who object to my blog, I don’t divulge every little detail of my life, some things need to remain private. Although I do share a large percentage of my life and experiences with you, sometimes a filter is necessary.

I have family who live far and wide, if memory serves it’s been about 6 years since we were all together. My blog is my way of keeping my family up to date with my life too ~ a means to communicate, share and explain to them our current situation.

Somehow this process of writing and sharing with you makes me happy and quieter in my mind. The act of sharing or unburdening process helps me understand myself more, how I may or may not respond to issues and why.

Quite simply I am me, love me, hate me, or be indifferent. I have reached a point in life where I realise life is to be lived on my terms. I will no longer live it to please others because that won’t bring happiness and realise that I am no longer afraid of judgement from others. I am honest, open and at times vulnerable but don’t think for one moment that makes me weak.

So whatever drives you to write a blog don’t let anyone deter you ~ if you enjoy it and it brings you pleasure then just do it. The internet is big enough for us all, whether you write, read, engage or scroll on it is your choice.




  1. Nicky

    I do love reading your blog, i am in awe of the twists and turns that you all have been through. I love the way you all stick together and are so strong forone another xxxx much love x nicky

    13th April 2017
    • Thank you so much Nicky for your lovely words ~ we feel that if we don’t stick together then what’s the point? It has always brought rewards even from the darkest times and always laughter, lots of most probably inappropriate laughter but it helps us bounce back ~ sending much love your way xx💜

      14th April 2017

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