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Wildlife in the garden

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Today I decided that I needed to get outside and enjoy some fresh, all be it chilly, air. I wrapped up in layers and wore all the clothes! Then I collected one of our folded garden chairs and took it out with me, my camera around my neck.

Initially I had the company of our two terriers, Loki on my knee and Taylor on my feet.

They happily snoozed on me whilst our shy robin came to visit.

After my little robin friend flew away Loki started to shiver, his coat is silky smooth but not very thick and so I took the dogs inside and put the fire on for them to warm up. Once they were settled I returned outside. A helicopter flew overhead and I had a little wonder around the garden to warm myself up a little.

It was lovely to be outside and listen the the songs of the birds and the rustling of the leaves as they disturbed them when landing in the trees.

Gloria also came to visit me, she was totally unfazed by me sitting there watching her in my chair. Every now and then she would give me a “look” just to let me know my place. I’m very fond of our Gloria, she’s such a funny character and she knows how to wind up the dogs too. Gloria had a good play and kept leaving with mouthfuls of nuts to wherever her nest is before returning for more. Intermittently she buried some nuts in the grass and borders before bidding me goodbye and leaving.

The garden is very sparse now and so I only had a few drops and leaves to take photographs of, along with the odd bird or too. I sat there, in the middle of the lawn on my chair, wrapped up like a mummy in layer upon layer of clothes.

I took a shadow photo before pulling the hood up and securing it with a thick warm scarf.  I sat a while longer, just breathing, listening and enjoying the moment after a while the chill in the air started to reach my bones and I decided to gather myself up and go inside.

I enjoyed a full 2 hours just sitting, watching and taking the odd photo. I love the simple pleasures such as these, but like all pleasures, they come to an end.

‘Til next time..



  1. Wow! What a great post. I love all the pictures here, especially the ones of the birds! Beautiful 🙂

    26th November 2018
    • crazypurplemama

      The robin comes often but is shy and hard to capture but Gloria our squirrel has the run of the garden and comes two or three times a day – I gave her her own feeding station because she was dismantling the bird feeders 😂

      26th November 2018

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