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Yup, I’m going dry during October #soberoctober

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It’s a diet coke ~ no Jack in it!

It’s that time of year again when we are all called to give something up to help raise funds for charity. Now usually Sober For October calls for folk to raise funds to help Macmillan Cancer Support, however, I find that cancer charities get an awful lot of ongoing support. Don’t think I’m dissing this because i’m not, we send a regular monthly donation to cancer charities in memory of family we lost to the disease. However, I think lesser supported charities could do with some funds coming their way too and so decided to choose a non-cancer charity to support for my Sober October Challenge.

As a family who has 3 members suffering from ME my normal charity of choice would be Invest in ME Research, however, this time round I am fundraising for a local charity who help those who find themselves homeless or at risk of losing their home. Why? Because we’re moving towards winter and so the days and nights are becoming colder and more inhospitable. The homeless are at risk of not only becoming ill both mentally and physically with the stress created by fear and anxiety by being on the streets but also the issue of safety, hygiene, being able to eat and finding somewhere safe, dry and protected from the elements to sleep. It must be horrific to be shunned by society whilst you try and find a way to stay alive without any support network, love or assistance to get you off the streets.

Framework is a local charity based in Nottingham which serves the East Midlands. The work they do in their own words is…

“How we help ~ Framework provides a wide range of services that change and save lives in three main ways:
By preventing homelessness
By helping people who are homeless
By helping people to live independently
The journey away from homelessness does not end with settled accommodation. We offer training, education, volunteering and employment opportunities that truly help people to leave homelessness behind and to move on with their lives.”

“Why do people become homeless?
Homelessness can happen to almost anybody if enough factors strike at the right time, but some groups are more at risk than others…For women the most common cause is domestic violence (28 per cent) For men it was being kicked out of home by their parents (22 per cent) Being kicked out by parents if the most common reason for homelessness for young people”

So, this October, although in actual fact I’m starting from today I will be Sober For October for Framework.

If you would like to support me by either donating or sharing my justgiving fundraising page I would be very grateful. The link to my page is:-

OR if you prefer you can donate via text, the code is…

Donate via text using this code.

So, again I leave you with the words from the charity themselves…

“Local people need your help. Hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people in your communities desperately need the help provided by Framework. So much of that good work, however, depends on the generosity of the public. We need to raise more than £500,000 a year to maintain our core services and improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Your support, however you choose to express it, really can change and even save lives in your community.

Framework helps more than 11,000 people a year from across the East Midlands, helping them to live full and independent lives in their communities. The services we offer, from accommodation to home-based support, are delivered in urban and rural locations in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.”

Wish me luck! I enjoy a tipple in the evenings and so this month I will be trying out a variety of non-alcoholic beverages when I kick back in the evening instead. Counting down to November 1st! 





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